Before & After School Care Fees

Booking Daily Fees

  • Permanent Before Before Care (BSC) $15.00

  • Casual Before School Care (BSC) $17.00

  • Permanent After School Care (ASC) $22.00

  • Casual After School Care (ASC) $24.00

Vacation Care Fees

Booking Daily Fees

  • Casual Vacation Care $45.00

Vacation care days are subject to additional fees dependent on the cost of certain excursions.

Membership Fee

A BAC membership fee is charged annually as a part of the first yearly statement.

  • Annual Membership Fee $50.00


Penalty Fees

Offence Cost

  • Failure to notify absences $10.00

  • Late collection $10.00 + $1.00 per/Min after 6:00PM

  • Late Fee Payment $10.00 + $10.00 for every week in arrears

Note: Please see our Fee Policies for further information.

Child Care Subsidy

BAC is an Approved Child Care Centre, which means that
our families can claim CCS, if they are eligible.

Eligible families may apply for to Centrelink for fee assistance through the Child Care Benefit Scheme.

At the time of enrolment, in order for us to be able to
formalise your account so you can receive your rebates, you
must provide us with:

  1. Guardian registered to receive CCS

  2. This person’s CRN

  3. This person’s DOB

  4. Each child’s CRN

  5. Each child’s DOB

To find out more about the Government Childcare Payments please visit this website.

Direct Debit Scheme

From January 2019 we will only accept Direct Debit payments. Please fill out the form linked below and attached it to your enrollment.