Here at BAC we love using recycled materials for our crafts. If you are throwing out any of the items below, we ask that you instead bring them to BAC so the children can create some amazing art!

jars CDs/DVDs Newspaper


If you wish to donate, please ensure items are clean, not broken and complete.
Thanks, BAC Staff.


Every Friday the children are given a mystery craft box with no idea what is inside it! The box is made up of any materials that were unused from the week’s activities. It can also include scraps of materials left over from the craft that week. The children need to use their imagination to think of something creative to make from the materials supplied. The idea is that here at BAC we are sustainable by using all materials rather than just throwing them away. If you wish to donate any reusable materials just make sure they’ve been thoroughly cleaned and we would love to create something new from them!

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This week the children completed the final part of the project; making the volcano erupt! The carers researched how to create a safe eruption and supplied the children with the materials. These included red food colouring, water, baking soda and white vinegar. Red food colouring was mixed with water to recreate the colour of lava and poured into the volcano. Next the baking soda was added and finally the white vinegar was poured on top. As soon as the baking soda and white vinegar mixed together an ‘eruption’ occurred and it looked as though red hot lava was flowing from the volcano. It made for an impressive display and the children loved it!



This week the children continued their long term project of building a volcano. First they discussed the appropriate colours needed to make the volcano realistic. They decided to use brown for the actual volcano and then green for the base and the inside of the box. The children then decided to go outside and pick some soil to add an earth texture to the model. Some of them then picked some leaves, sticks and stones to add to the volcano to make it more realistic. By using materials from outside the children are being completely sustainable.



The children were playing in the fort area and decided to use leaves and sticks they found around them to build a home for a bug they had found. By making this the children showed they could be sustainable and use materials around them and turn them into something else.



As part of the BAC program the children have begun a long term project of building a volcano using recycled materials. It is important to teach the children how to be creative and sustainable using these materials. They gathered old newspapers, a box and milk bottle to start. The children placed the milk bottle in the middle of the box and began to papier mache around it to secure it. Each week the children will add to the project until they have a finished model of a volcano!



This week the children created candle holders for mothers day using jars that some parents had donated to BAC. At BAC we often create crafts using materials donated to us by parents or the school. This teaches the children the importance of being sustainable by re using the materials that we already have in our possession rather than constantly buying and using new materials.



Today at BAC the children decided to create a poster on the importance of not littering and keeping our areas clean. The children chose to do this without being told which shows their knowledge about the environment and the harmful impacts that littering has on it. This poster is also informative to other children at BAC.



At BAC we have created an Environmental Brigade which consists of a selection of students who have volunteered to assist in making BAC more environmentally friendly. The Environmental Brigade is a great opportunity for students to gain insight into sustainable ways of living.



At BAC we have promoted sustainability by adding this box of used materials such as jars and toilet paper rolls. This allows the children to re use and up-cycle common materials for craft. This box is brought out once every two weeks as an activity where the children have to create a craft using only the materials from this box.



Following on from our pottery club last week, this week the girls took initiative in watering the plants in the Bronte fairy garden. They have volunteered to water the plants whenever necessary and they love having a sustainable job to do.

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This month BAC introduced pottery club. This is the first of many long term craft projects. The 3 week pottery club involves creating the coil pots out of clay, painting them and finally filling them with succulents. This allows the children to be creative whilst teaching them to care for their own plant. Hopefully this will promote more gardening amongst the children!

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Another activity during vacation care that promoted sustainability was re-using cardboard boxes. The children were creative and made things such as houses and armor.  

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At BAC we asked parents and families if they could donate jars to use for arts and crafts. Here we have a photo of Indie and the lava lamp that she created using the recycled jar. 



At BAC we are sustainable by re using products that can no longer be used for things such as craft. Here we can see an old white board marker has been used to make a creature for decoration. Other ways we re use materials is by using old yoghurt containers to hold pencils and stationary. 

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At BAC we promote a sustainable environment by using reusable cups, spoons, and plates for the children's afternoon tea instead of plastic or paper plates and cups which are disposed of after one use.

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BAC uses products such as Earth Choice which is vegan friendly, made with plant and mineral based ingredients and accredited as cruelty free. By using products like these instead of other products, we are being more sustainable and promoting products that are better for the environment. 



At BAC we encourage children to play outside on the equipment instead of using technology such as computers and phones to entertain themselves. This also promotes a fit and healthy way of living for the children. 

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Children and Carers at BAC clean in ways to prevent water wastage. By sweeping up food scraps on the outside deck rather than hosing the deck, saves water and helps maintain a sustainable environment. 



Last week as a part of the BAC program the children began a longterm project. Firstly the sponges were cut into the shape of a shamrock to celebrate St Patricks day. The children then coloured the sponges and cut holes into them. They then filled the holes with seeds. Every few days the children have been watering the seeds and as we can see after a week they are beginning to sprout. This teaches the children to be patient and with some love their plants will grow.



At BAC we encourage the children to create crafts out of materials that we already have available. We found some cardboard boxes from deliveries and decided to make mini houses out of them. Some children also decorated these houses with scraps and cuttings of other materials that we had in the store room.



Today the children went on an excursion to Centennial Park to learn about what plants and animals you can find in Centennial Park and how to care for them and respect them. The leaders showed the children how to gather natural materials such as grass, bark, sticks and leaves that are on the ground and make boats out of them. This activity reminded children that creative crafts don’t always need to be made from paper and plastic but they can be made from recycled materials.



Children at BAC always enjoy doing crafts, this week we decided to create a scavenger hunt which allowed the children to search for materials throughout the BAC grounds. Once the children had collected the required items they then made this beautiful collage out of all natural found materials. This piece will be displayed in the classroom to promote sustainability.

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Today BAC had an incursion with Reverse Garbage. The children were taught about the importance of reduce, re use and recycle. The children gained valuable insight into how to be sustainability heroes. In the image you can see the superhero outfits they created using recycled materials such as flags and apple stickers. 

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Today the children created garlands out of recycled magazines for decoration at the Oz Harvest fundraiser. By using these magazines as materials for decoration instead of coloured paper, it reduces the amount of paper we use for craft and it promotes reusing materials instead of throwing them in the bin.

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During vacation care we conducted experiments with recycled coffee cups and plastic bags made into parachutes. This experiment was popular as children were eager to see who's parachute would take the longest to hit the ground. 

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This week at BAC we have created an aquarium. The children are assigned with different art and craft tasks each day for different sea creatures to add to the aquarium. Here we can see toilet paper rolls and egg cartons being re used to create this art. 

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BAC Has a communal vegetable garden outside of the school which is accessible to all people of the public. By Children at BAC seeing these vegetable gardens it is a constant reminder of the sustainable environment that Bronte Public School upholds. 

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At BAC we remind children and carers to always switch off power points when not in use, especially power points connected to computers which when left on can chew up lots of electricity. By switching off power points it also reduces the risk of a fire.

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By putting up signs around the school such as 'please switch off all lights at the end of the day' reminds children and carers of the simple tips to being sustainable that people often forget. These signs are placed next to light switches, power switches and air conditioning remotes to be a constant reminder not to waste electricity.

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Children at BAC are encouraged to put the paper that they don't use during craft into the recycled paper container. This ensures that paper does not go to waste and we can re use as much as possible. Other ways we reduce the amount of paper we use is by cutting all the paper in half so that there is half the waste.